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Compressed Air

Compressed Air

Compressed air is a non-flammable, colourless, odorless gas that consists of a mixture, or a combination of gases. This combination of gases consists of oxygen, nitrogen, water vapour, small amounts of carbon dioxide, and traces of many other constituents including inert gases such as helium, argon, etc. Air is considered compressed air when it is compressed to an absolute pressure exceeding 40psi at 70 o F or, regardless of pressure at 70 o F, have an absolute pressure of 104 psi at 130 o F.

Compressed Air Applications

Compressed Air meeting particular purity specifications/grades, has many important applications. Some of these applications are in Hospitals/Medical, Undersea, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Electronics, Food and Beverage and many more. It is also employed in self-contained breathing apparatus used by industrial, emergency response and fire-fighting personnel, and as a power source for some kinds of pneumatic tools

Safety Considerations

Cylinders and other containers charged with air at high pressure must be handled with all the precautions necessary for safety with any nonflammable Compressed Air, recognizing that compressed air is a strong oxidizing agent and can also cause injury when there is uncontrolled release of the gas from a cylinder.

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Massy Gas Products takes safety seriously. That is why we have created a series of video to educate our customers and team on safely using our products.

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