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Installation Services

We design and install gas systems that scale with the needs of your operation.

Installation Features


The 45kg cylinder is widely used by domestic or small businesses to fuel stoves, water heaters, driers, generators etc. All of our 45 kg cylinders are DOT approved.

Gas Piping & Routing

We can install a gas system which works with your business facilities and environment safely

Large Bulks

You can install a capacity which scales with your business.

Installation for LPG Equipment & Appliances

The LPG that we provide can be used in certain household appliances and it’s a cheaper alternative to electricity.

Massy Gas Products is capable of providing the requisite guidance and expertise with regards to the piping installation of LPG appliances such as LPG generators, oven burners, LPG washers and LPG water heaters. We work with our customers to provide a complete gas solution for both home and industrial purpose by installing bulk or 100 lb tanks based on customer needs.

Trained & Experienced Team

Our team has extensive experience building safe and reliable gas systems. We are guided by the standards of NFPA 58, NFPA 54, NFPA 99.

Reliable & Responsive Support

You can rest easy knowing that our technical team is always available to support the growth of your operation.

Reliable Delivery Service

Our vast distribution network ensures speedy delivery service.

Annual Safety Inspection

Bulk customers get free annual safety inspection.

Emergency Response

24-hour response to emergency gas leaks

HOTLINE 592-600-0839

Schedule Your Estimate

Contact our team to schedule a free estimate for your installation:

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  • mgpgl.csdteam.gy@massygasproducts.com

Hotels & Restaurants

We keep restaurants cooking with LPG installations. Typically, restaurants start with a 100lb LPG gas cylinder. We can further install more cylinders to meet the growth of the business.

Medical Facilities

We install manifold gas systems which distribute oxygen gas throughout the hospital and enables easy control and regulation of oxygen gas usage at various outputs.

Our Team

Safety Is Priority

We adhere a comprehensive HSSE culture

Internationally Certified

Our operation is certified under DQS, NAFA, and ISO

Vast Experience

We have been in the business for decades.

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Learn how we can take care of your gas needs.

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