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Massy Gas Products is the leading manufacturer of Acetylene gas for over thirty years and has consistently provide excellent product to our customers. We provide this product to all the major sectors within Guyana such as the Agriculture, Construction, Mining etc.

We are a certified ISO 9001:2015 practitioner under the DQS Inc.
We design, install and support gas systems safely under NFPA 58 & 54 Standards.
We produce gases in accordance to the regulations of the Compressed Air Association.

Available Sizes

  • 1380 litres
  • 1840 litres
  • 2300 litres
  • 2760 litres
  • 3220 litres
  • 3680 litres
  • 4140 litres
  • 4600 litres
  • 5520 litres
  • 5980 litres
  • 6440 litres
  • 6900 litres
  • 7360 litres
  • 7820 litres

Learn Safety Tips

Massy Gas Products takes safety seriously. That is why we have created a series of video to educate our customers and team on safely using our products.

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Safety Tips

  • Always read the labels on the cylinders before commencing use. Using the color of the cylinders to identify its content is not recommended.
  • All high-pressured cylinders must be firmly strapped upright when being transported. Do not overload vehicle.
  • Do not place cylinders in the trunk of the vehicle
  • Cylinders must be capped at all times when not in use, even when it is deemed to be empty.
  • Cylinders must not be stored in room/areas where inadequate ventilation exist.
  • Do not try to catch a falling cylinder.
  • It is recommended when handling cylinders to have the relevant safety gears (safety boots, gloves, safety glasses etc.)